Thresholds: a chorus (3 channel video)

, 2019
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Installation views, Tin Sheds Gallery. Photography: Richard Glover

Thresholds – a chorus is a three-channel sound and video artwork that is a meditation on transience and the passing of time. It uses hidden and disused subterranean locations to explore ethereal liminal spaces that exist beyond the familiar; brightly lit bustling city stations or beneath busy civic squares. The artwork has been created from recordings undertaken on a residency with Sydney Trains between 2016-2018 however the work addresses the broader idea of poetic and atmospheric contrasts of a city and what lies below.

Artists: Julia Davis + Lisa Jones

Camera: Richard Glover

Editing and post-production: Blue Lucine, Elise Harmsen

Sound design: Derek Allan

This artwork was made with the support of The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund, Sydney Trains and GREYSPACE