Thresholds: a chorus (drawings and photographs)

, 2020 -22
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Installation view: Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney 2021

Installation view, Thresholds: underlands, Manly Regional Gallery 2022

Installation view, Thresholds: underlands, Manly Regional Gallery 2022

Sediment (Paris) on clayboard 42 x 32 x 6cm

Julia Davis and Lisa Jones are Sydney-based artists who maintain independent practices and also collaborate on projects. Since 2009 their collaborative practice has reflected on transience and embodiment of place.

With a shared interest in the relationship between people and the places they inhabit, their most recent project, Thresholds, explores hidden subterranean landscapes, iterated through video and drawing.

Their work investigates intangible aspects of place and invites the viewer to reflect upon the fleetingness of our lives, where marks of human endeavour are cast upon a backdrop of geological time.

Recent residencies explored the underlands of Paris and Sydney. These projects focused on the vanished, destroyed or non-apparent phenomena, particularly human endeavour.

Their video installations and drawings are created onsite and aim to bring visibility to hidden sites lying in states of suspended animation; revealing some of the rhythms of nature and sounds that meter time under urban space.

Currently the project has been supported by GREYSPACE, Sydney Trains, Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund, The Onslow Storrier National Art School, Cité Internationale des Arts residency program, Historian Gilles Thomas and Society D’Etudes & D’Amenagement Des Anciennes Carrières Des Capucines, Les Catacombes de Paris, Sydney Harbour Trust and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Selected drawings from this series have been exhibited:

Manly Art Gallery and Museum, NSW 2022

Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University NSW 2021

Mornington Peninsular Gallery, VIC 2020

Bendigo Regional Gallery, VIC 2020

Dominik Mersch Gallery Sydney 2019

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