Headspace (Lake Brown)

, 2010
Digital prints on hahnemuhle paper. 650 x 450cm, 40 x 40cm

Headspace (Lake Brown) 2010

Headspace (Lake Brown) 2010

Headspace (Lake Brown) 2010

Headspace (Lake Brown) 2010
Salt harvested from Lake Brown was used to create a cast of my head and shoulders.The form was subsequently reintroduced to the lake and its dissolution progressively documented over 9 weeks.

This series of prints formed part of a touring exhibition by IASKA. The project was titled Spaced: art out of place and was  the culmination of a two-year collaboration across time and place and presented new works by 21 Australian and overseas artists and collectives.

Exploring the relationship between globalisation and local identity, the artists were invited to live and work in one of 16 regional communities across Western Australia for 10 weeks in order to create new work through a protracted engagement with the local social and environmental context. The spaced: art out of place exhibition catalogue includes full colour documentation of each regional project and their exhibition at the historic Fremantle Arts Centre, along with a curatorial introduction from spaced artistic director Marco Marcon, interviews with the participating artists, and reflective texts that consider topics raised by the spaced program and discussed in the spaced symposium held on 4-5 February 2012.

Download PDF Catalogue 

(or expanded Catalogue here https://issuu.com/internationalartspace/docs/iaska___spaced___final2)

Preview and/or purchase the book Mukinbudin Residency 2010 – 4 Projects for further information on this residency.

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