Consilience: As The World Turns

, 2013/14
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HD Time Lapse Video, stereo sound 07:49 minute continuous loop


Trailer, 01:00 minute of 07:49 minute time lapse video

Consilience: As The World Turns filmed a continuous nightlong performance on an inland salt lake in Australia. The soundtrack mixes onsite sound with NASA recordings from the Voyager 1 mission to Saturn.

Performance: Julia Davis

Camera: Alex Cherney

Sound mix: Paul Huntingford

“Consilience: As The World Turns ensures that even the casual eye catches a glimpse of an astounding and quite surreal space and time, an arresting sense of our connection with the wider universe. Significantly, this time- lapse as revealed is relatively slow to what one usually envisages, evoking conceptual overtones of endurance and introspection. The enquiry for poetic understandings and metaphors to connect the body with landscape and the physical universe is a potent and ongoing motivation in Davis’s work, particularly the effects of time on understandings of the body in relation to the material world, its temporality and duration.” Dr Victoria Garnons- Williams 2017
Full review here: Review by Dr Victoria Garnons – Williams 2017


A time-lapse video of the Southern Hemisphere with lights from the immediate area reflected onto the LCD screen. This work was shown concurrently with Consilience: As The World Turns, a solo exhibition by Julia Davis at the MAMA Art Gallery and Museum, Albury, Victoria.

Camera: Jules Boag

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