Overview: International Travelling Film Project


30 Minutes
Over View is an international travelling filmproject for which curators were invited to select films of outstanding audiovisual artists from their home countries. Each curator was asked to programme 30 minutes of contemporary short cuts of any genre, except trailers or recordings.

What’s on?
Subjects or content should be related to “what’s on” in such a way the viewer could gain an insight into the artistic level as well as contemporary topics of the participating countries. The result is a collection of carefully chosen audiovisual “portraits”: an overview on global visions.

A world tour without travelling
As well, the curators were asked to select a venue in their country to exhibit Over View. In this way all participating curators, artists and public will be able to see this collection of global visions without actually travelling themselves.

This project aims to contribute to mutual understanding, interaction and transmission of knowledge and experience and to offer a platform or playground from which new alliances or co-operations for all participants may spring.

8 countries * 8 curators * 45 artists * 8 exhibitions * 240 minutes of film